12 Reasons To Become Vegetarian!

12 Reasons To Become Vegetarian!

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Here we follow the reasons for some people becoming vegetarian:

#1 – The risk of foodborne illness will be reduced:

The CDC states that diseases that are transmitted and carried by foods of all kinds cause 76 million illnesses per year and this leads to 325,000 cases requiring hospitalization and 5,000 deaths in the United States; and according to data from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contribute rich foods With protein such as meat, poultry, fish and seafood, it is frequently involved in outbreaks of foodborne illness. Best natural foods for weight loss

#2 – It will relieve menopausal symptoms:

Many foods contain nutrients beneficial to women in the menopause period and the period leading up to this stage, as some foods are rich in phytoestrogens, which are phytochemicals that mimic the action of estrogen. In your diet to ensure you pass and skip menopause more comfortably.

Soybeans are the most abundant natural source of phytoestrogens, and we can also find these compounds in hundreds of other foods such as apples, beets, cherries, dates, garlic, olives, peaches, raspberries, squash, and potatoes.

Eating a low-fat, high-fiber vegetable diet can help avoid excess weight because menopause is also related to being overweight and slow-acting food.

#3 – You will have more energy:
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Michael F. says Michael F. Roizen “Doctor of Medicine” in The RealAge Diet: Good Nutrition Provides More Usable Energy – Energy That Helps Us Keep Up With Babies, Carry Out Improvements At Home Or Even For Better Sex More often Having too much fat in the bloodstream means that your arteries will not be opened properly and that your muscles will not get enough oxygen. Where Is The HEART Located

#4 – Result? You will feel liberated and taken off:

Balanced vegetarian diets are naturally free of cholesterol-consuming animal products that block arteries that actually slow us down and keep us pressing the snooze button in the morning after morning; and because whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables are rich in complex carbohydrates, they provide the body with a lot of stimulating energy.

#5 – Your health will become more regular:

Eating a large amount of vegetables inevitably means consuming more fiber, which leads to the disposal of waste from the body, unlike eating meat that does not contain fiber; there is a significant decrease in cases of constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis in people who eat less food in the food chain. How To GROW Your Eyelashes Fast

#6 – Will help reduce pollution:

Some people turn and become vegetarians after realizing the damage the meat industry is causing to the environment, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The flow of chemical and animal waste from factory farms is responsible for more than 173,000 miles of polluted rivers and streams.

Surface runoff from agricultural land is one of the greatest threats to water quality today; agricultural activities that cause pollution include confined animal installations, tillage, pesticide spraying, irrigation, fertilizing, and harvesting.

#7 – You will avoid toxic chemicals:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that about 95 percent of the pesticide residue found in the typical American diet comes from meat, fish, and dairy products, as fish particularly contain carcinogens (PCBs, DDT) and heavy metals ( mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium) that cannot be disposed of by cooking or freezing.

Meat and dairy products can also contain steroids and hormones, so be sure to read labels on the dairy products you buy.

#8 – Will help reduce famine:

About 70 percent of the grain produced in the United States is devoted to feeding livestock raised for the purpose of meat; the 7 billion livestock in the United States eat five times the amount of grain directly consumed by the American population; David Pimentel says Professor of Ecology at Cornell University: “If people eat all the grain that livestock are currently fed directly to, then the number of people who can be fed is about 800 million.” If the grain is exported, that will boost the US trade balance by $ 80 billion a year. Best Weight Loss Diets

#9 – The animals will be saved:

Many vegetarians give up eating meat because of their interest in animals. Ten billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption every year. Unlike old farms where animals roamed freely, most animals today are raised farms in factories that are crammed into cages so that they can barely move and their feeding depends on Diet contaminated with pesticides and antibiotics.

These animals spend their entire lives in boxes or within stables in stalls so small that they cannot even rotate. In reality, these animals have no protection from cruel treatment under the law. Most state laws against cruelty exclude farm animals in particular from basic human protection.

#10 – You will save money:

Americans spend 10 percent on meat than they spend on food. Eating vegetables, grains, and fruits instead of 200 pounds of beef, chicken, and fish that non-vegetarians eat annually will reduce their food bills per person by $4,000 annually.

#11 – Your dinner plate will be full of color:

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The disease-fighting phytochemicals give fruits and vegetables their rich and diverse colors and are concentrated in two main categories: Carotenoids and Anthocyanins. Carotenoids give fruits and vegetables yellow and orange color, as in carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes, mangoes, squash, and corn. Green leafy vegetables are rich in carotenoids, but they take a green color from chlorophyll; while fruits and vegetables in red, blue, and violet colors such as peaches, cherries, and red peppers contain anthocyanins.

Color cooking is a good way to ensure that a variety of naturally occurring substances are eaten that enhance immunity and contribute to the prevention of a range of diseases.

#12 – It’s so easy:

Finding great-tasting vegan food requires almost no effort these days whether you are strolling through the local supermarket corridors or if you are walking on the street during lunchtime, look no further than the internet when you need inspiring ideas in the kitchen, or use the bookstore Your favorite or your local vegetarian newsletter for great cooking tips and recipes; and if you eat out, which of the specialized restaurants will offer you almost vegan options quickly and quickly? Most informal fast food and fast food restaurants now include healthy and innovative salads, and sandwiches and appetizers are on their menus.


So instead of asking yourself why you’re a vegetarian, the real question is: Why have you yet to switch to a vegetarian diet?

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